Answers to some frequently asked questions about your cyber coverage are provided below.

If you have additional questions, please send an email to LIF at

Hackers continue to get more sophisticated with their tactics to obtain critical data from firms and companies. Firewalls and antivirus software are no longer enough to protect your network. You need additional steps, such as vulnerability scans, penetration testing and cybersecurity awareness training to educate your staff and help prevent attacks from occurring.

Approximately 90% of law firms in BC have 5 or fewer lawyers.

The Law Society wants to provide all qualifying law firms with basic but broad cyber coverage at a low price. All firms are encouraged to purchase excess insurance to meet their own coverage requirements.

Any designated representative of your law firm should be able to download a cyber insurance certificate through the law firm information section of the LSBC Member Portal. You are encouraged to do so to ensure that the information we have for your firm is correct. If you are able to download a cyber certificate, then you will have the cyber coverage. If you have paid the indemnity fee and cannot download the cyber certificate, please send an email to

If you have no other cyber insurance, the program coverage is first-response coverage, also called primary coverage. If your firm already has a cyber policy, you will have the potential for broader coverage and higher limits than under either single policy. If you do not already have excess cyber insurance, speak to your broker or one of the cyber insurance commercial brokerages on the LIF website about whether your firm should have a higher limit.

Coverage will be proportionate to the number of lawyers at the firm’s BC location relative to the total number at the firm.

Coalition and HUB will offer support services to assist all law firms reach a minimum level of network security and reduce the risk profile of the profession as a whole. The information will be communicated on the LIF website, through bulletins and webinars, and on a firm by firm basis as needed.

Please make sure you are registered at the Law Society as your firm’s designated representative. If you are not, and your firm would like to add you, please contact

The LIF website is your best source of information about all aspects of the indemnification program.

Cyber insurance certificates and the policy wording are available to the law firm designated representatives through the law firm information section of the Law Society Member Portal. If your question is not answered by these information sources, please contact LIF at or the insurance broker Derek May ( by email with as many details you can provide.