The risk of BC law firms experiencing a cyber-related event has been growing for some time. With the likelihood that the current increased reliance on technology will continue, the risk is likely to continue to grow.

LIF responds

Recognizing this, LIF worked closely with brokers and underwriters with expertise in this complex risk. After months of research, we landed on a group policy of insurance covering BC law firms, and a wealth of risk management services. The cyber protection policy is issued by Coalition, Inc. and brokered by HUB International, Inc., the largest brokerage in BC and Canada. 

The cyber program

The program combines state-of-the-art cybersecurity with best-in-class cyber insurance. Coalition’s cybersecurity platform includes 24/7 security monitoring, automated security alerts, employee training, and access to security experts to prevent cyber incidents before they occur. In addition, the coverage protects the value of your entire business including financial, intangible, and tangible damage with comprehensive cyber insurance.

Cyber incidents come in many forms—from ransomware, denial of service attacks, and data breaches, to social engineering, wire fraud, and technology failures. Coalition will help you solve cyber risk before, during and after an incident occurs.

Cybercriminals want your policy wording and insurance limits so they know what to demand. For this reason, policy wording, limits and Certificates of Insurance are available to all law firm designated representatives through the law firm information section of the  Member Portal.


The policyholder information sheet provides more information on the program benefits provided by Coalition.

Coalition, Inc.

Coalition is one of the largest providers of Cyber and Technology E&O insurance in the US and Canada, and is financially backed by Swiss Re, an A.M Best A+ rated reinsurer. Coalition is the only insurer that proactively assists policyholders before, during and after an incident, and provides cybersecurity tools and services at no additional cost.