"Damages" is broadly defined as "any compensatory damages award including any related pre-judgment or post-judgment interest or costs, settlement, or repair costs, relating to covered allegations".

"Repair costs means any costs, other than claims expenses, approved or paid by us, incurred attempting to avoid or mitigate a loss arising out of an error."

Some damages are not included:

Fees and benefits

You are not covered if the underlying dispute relates to your fees, regardless of how the claim is advanced. It doesn’t matter if the claim seeks the return, reimbursement, accounting for or disgorgement of legal expenses or some other benefit you receive (whether from the claimant or a third party).  

Policy:  Definition of "damages";  Indemnity Agreement A

Punitive and other damages, sanctions, special costs, costs ordered against you personally

There is no coverage for punitive, exemplary or aggravated damages or fines, sanctions or penalties. There is also no cover for costs orders made against you as a result of your reprehensible conduct, whether pursuant to a specific Rule or the court’s inherent jurisdiction, or for special costs.

Policy: Definition of "damages"; Indemnity Agreement A

The cost of complying with declaratory, injunctive or other non-monetary relief

There is no coverage for the cost of complying with declaratory, injunctive or other non-monetary relief. The policy only pays for compensatory damages and these are not considered compensatory damages.

Policy: Definition of "damages", Indemnity Agreement A