Notice to lawyers
February 27, 2024

We broke a record both in the number and dollar value of wills and estate claims last year.

The percentage of seniors living in BC has doubled over the past five years. This aging demographic, coupled with the surge in demand for wills resulting from the COVID-19 crisis, means that challenges to the validity of wills are becoming frequent. On top of that, wills and estates is a complex area of the law, requiring knowledge of a wide range of legislation, including the Wills, Estates and Succession Act, Rule 25 in BCSC Rules of Court, the Power of Attorney Act and the Trustee Act.  

What can you do? Always consider capacity in your senior clients and watch for signs of undue influence. Learn what to look out for from Maryanne Prohl, LIF’s Director, Risk Management in this video.

Finally, here is a checklist with our top nine risk management tips. Print it out and use it on every file.

Practical Tools and Additional Resources:

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