One of the 5 key causes of claims and potential claims, these failures break down into two categories: 

Ignorance of the law (35%)
You don’t appreciate that you don’t know an area of law as well as you need to in order to provide proper advice.

Not thinking it through (65%)
You know the law, but don’t fully think through all of the legal issues, or what strategies to implement or steps to take to achieve your client’s goal.

For real life examples from our claim files, watch these videos or, for the full story and CPD credit, watch our webinar.

Dabbling: A risky business
Narrator: Surindar Nijjar
Area of law: Real estate

The precedent trap
Narrator: Kate McLean
Area of law: Tax

The perils of litigation without a roadmap
Narrator: Leanne Wood
Area of law: Civil litigation