Fraud Alert: December 21, 2012

Holiday reminder: Ontario law firm victim of large fraud due to infection by Trojan banker virus

December 21, 2012

A reminder that the holidays are on us and bad cheque scam fraudsters may be more active. Protect yourself. Read the material on the bad cheque scam to learn how.

The Law Society has also become aware that a law firm in Ontario has been the victim of a six-figure trust account theft after an apparent infection by the Trojan banker or a similar virus. We are not aware of any BC lawyers being targeted. Lawyers are reminded of the need to take steps to protect your computer systems and, in particular, not to open emails and attachments from unknown senders. Obtain professional technical help to protect your information if you do not have the expertise within your firm. For more information relating to the Ontario fraud, see LawPro's Avoid-a-claim blog.

If you suspect you have encountered a fraud, contact Barbara Buchanan, Practice Advisor, Conduct and Ethics, at 604.697.5816 or